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Online Focus Groups

artafactonline focus groups are real time synchronous focus groups that closely mimic in person groups using chat, phone and webcams. Choose which software features you need to maximize group engagement including whiteboards, drawing tools, polls, video sharing, web browser sharing, and desktop sharing. Mobile access for participants and privacy for clients. Transcripts instantly available in multiple languages.


Technical support hosts assist the moderator in configuring the software, loading content, log-in instructions, confirming respondents and exporting results allowing you to focus on the discussion, not the technology.


 Our recruiting software and services include phone recruits, research panel recruits, website and social media intercepts, and email recruiting using client-supplied lists or purchased lists.


 Choose from our list of experienced moderators within your industry or we’ll train your moderator at no cost.


How It Works

Artafact online focus group software closely mimics an in person focus group facility allowing respondents to interact with the moderator by webcam, phone and instant messaging chat AND markup websites, whiteboards and documents using the embedded drawing tools. The sessions are real-time with eight to ten participants who are able to participate from their home or office using just a computer and web browser. Clients log-in to watch the research and can chat privately with the moderator during the research session without being visible to the respondents.


The Artafact Difference

We offer a personalized hosting service to configure and host your online focus groups allowing you to concentrate on the research design and moderating.  Our flexible software can be configured for any type of group (chat, phone, webcam) with a highly interactive whiteboard for drag & drop collaboration, drawing tools, polling, app sharing and more.  We\’ll even help you create fun interactive discussion guides to engage your groups. We’ll help you choose from our many options including:

  • mobile access from tablets/phone
  • speech to text chat entry for slow typist
  • configurable chat window
  • audio alerts for the moderator
  • attention monitoring tool
  • scripted sessions

And we are offering more options all the time. The flexibility of our software means you can conduct any type of research online including ideation, product testing, attitude and usage, positioning, shopping studies.

Moderating Is Easy

Online focus groups are guided by a professional moderator, just like in-person groups. The moderator prepares a Power Point discussion guide in advance of the group which is uploaded to the application. Artafact software supports many projective and probing techniques used by moderators such as picture sorts, card sorts, lists, creative exercises, games, etc. Plus moderators can take live trips to the web, share videos and conduct polls and quizzes, all online. A typical online group runs from 60-90 minutes. Artafact can provide a trained moderator or train you or your moderator on how to use the software. We also offer design services for online discussion guides. Recordings and transcripts of the groups are provided immediately following the group. Below is a helpful guide for differences between the three types of online focus groups:

Chat Chat With Phone Chat WIth Webcam
Participants 10-15 Participants 4-6 Participants 4-6 Participants
Length 60-90 Minutes 60-90 Minutes 60-90 Minutes
Ideal For Large Groups Dyads,Triads 1 on 1 Interviews
Advantages Full participation
Simultaneous response
Navigate web while speaking Video snippets On site camera
Disadvantages No voice or picture Possible bias/influence Participant technical issues

Recruit From Anywhere

Find your target anywhere using our recruiting services. Artafact will manage your recruit or assist you in recruiting from lists, social networks and online sources using our sophisticated panel management software.

We help you attract, qualify, manage and incent participants for all of your online research needs.

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