online bulletin boards

Online Bulletin Boards

 artafact online bulletin boards are asynchronous focus groups that take place over time (days or weeks). The software is also ideal for in depth interviews, blogs, diaries and online communities. Choose which features you need to maximize group engagement including surveys, mark up tools, polls, video and photo sharing, web cam chat, and scrapbooking. Mobile access for participants and privacy for clients.


Technical support hosts assist the moderator in configuring the software, loading content, log-in instructions, confirming respondents and exporting results allowing you to focus on the discussion, not the technology.


 Our recruiting software and services include phone recruits, research panel recruits, website and social media intercepts, and email recruiting using client-supplied lists or purchased lists.


 Choose from our list of experienced moderators within your industry or we’ll train your moderator at no cost.

online bulletin boards

How It Works

Artafact online bulletin boards and online communities work just like social networks, but are private and secure for you and your clients. They are a great tool for extending the conversation with your target audience over days, weeks, months and even up to a year.   There is no limit to the number of respondents and you can segment and group them on a single board for simultaneous private or semi-private conversations. The moderator (or Community Manager) is responsible for setting up a series of tasks and exercises for participants to follow within a timeframe. The moderator can deploy a range of tasks to individual respondents or groups of respondents from a single dashboard. Each respondent logs in at their convenience and sees their list of daily tasks. They can then respond using multimedia (text, videos, pictures and webcams). . Clients log-in to watch the research and can chat privately with the moderator during the research session without being visible to the respondents.

Online bulletin boards and communities are a perfect research tool for in-depth surveys, simultaneous one on one interviews, daily diaries and ethnographic studies. The tool allows you to include surveys, embed videos, develop picture scrapbooks, markup concepts videos and pictures and more. All with mobile access from a phone or tablet.

online bulletin boards

Moderating Is Easy

The dashboard makes moderating your online bulletin board very easy. Simply log-in to review your results, add probing questions and download reports in Microsoft Excel or Word.

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