Customer Advisory Boards

 artafact customer advisory board discussion tools are based on proven research and management consulting mapping exercises . Choose from our extensive inventory of discussion guides to engage your customers in helping your senior management team develop strategic plans and go to market strategies, understand customer pain points and their purchase process, rank features for product development and prioritize product roadmaps, develop persuasive value propositions and elevator pitches, use case development, SWOT analysis, icebreakers and more. Suitable for in person and online meetings for all types of customer advisory boards including C-Level. Our discussion guide tools deliver business plans, not just reports.

 Program Management

Experienced program managers guide you in developing and operating your customer advisory board including recruiting customers, developing agendas, event management, program management, customer satisfaction and more. Over 15 years of experience in program management for Fortune 500 customer advisory boards.


 We will train your internal CAB team on using the tools or provide C-Level facilitation for CAB meetings either in person or online.

linda_stegemanLinda Stegeman, founder of artafact and former CMO of both consumer and technology Fortune 500 companies, has over 20 years of experience in launching complex products and services.

Business Plans

Reporting includes your choice of just the raw data from the customer advisory board, meeting minutes, executive toplines, or comprehensive business plans.

How It Works

Customer advisory boards are used by companies, associations and institutions to engage their top customers in providing advice and counsel to senior leadership teams. Meetings are held in person or online a few times per year to review confidential and strategic company plans. Objectives for a CAB meeting might include getting customer input and feedback on adoption strategies, product vision, product roadmaps, messaging and more, developing customer driven language and content for executives and marketing, improving your understanding of the buying process, key influencers, customer’s strategy, budget and business needs or simply encouraging peer influence selling by deepening customers’ understanding of your products and services.

Customer Opportunity

While the CABs are an opportunity for you and your team, they are also an opportunity for customers to network and collaborate with each other. The challenge is in meeting all constituent needs within a limited engagement and with documented results that can be carried forward into future meetings and create a memorable “customer experience”.

Examples of where interactive exercises are useful:

Strategic Planning Purchase process
Product development Value Proposition
Customer Pain Points Elevator Pitch
Buy a feature planning Use case development
Roadmap prioritization Icebreakers
Go to market strategy SWOT analysis

artafact Methodology

Linda Stegeman, founder of artafact and former Chief Marketing Officer of both consumer and technology products, works with you to design interactive engagement exercises for Customer Advisory Boards to answer strategic questions and issues being explored by management. Exercises are designed for customer discussion, allowing them to collaborate together on a shared strategic question or problem. Discussion guides and exercises are for a single 90 minute or full day session. Each guide is designed to deliver a business plan for your internal executive leadership team.

A CAB may consist of many different exercises to get customers up and on their feet debating and solving problems. Each exercise is designed and structured to answer a particular question posed by the management team. Customers create their own content by posting notes, creating workbooks, and voting.

Results are tabulated for management. Exercises can be completed in person or online and can vary from individual to group work.

Artafact will provide just the discussion guide, materials and training for your team or the entire package complete with an onsite facilitator and online tools if needed.

  • Work with internal teams to define objectives/questions/issues for each CAB session prior to the meeting date.
  • Develop a discussion guide and outline for each session
  • Develop engagement exercises
  • Create materials
  • Work with on-site production resources on preparation of materials
  • Collect and tabulate the data
  • [OPTIONAL] Topline report of key findings
  • [OPTIONAL] On-site facilitation

Why It Works

Quite simply, playing is a lot more fun than working. It crosses language, cultural, gender and age barriers and generates “out of the box” suggestions and feedback that go beyond straight Q&A.

The goal of using qualitative and quantitative interactive exercises in your CAB meeting is to engage your customers in helping you define your strategy, design products, create messaging, define how to go- to- market, understand your customers fears and concerns, and more.

Customers appreciate hearing from their peers on how they are solving problems, deploying solutions and generating results.   You benefit from listening and participating in a structured discussion that will yield important insights about potential business problems and solutions. Move your CABs beyond death by power point and into business planning using our structured discussion guides.

Examples of Our Work

value_exercise new_product_features attributes cross_portfolio_cases feedback

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